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Google Embarks on Mobile First Strategy – MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2010, BARCELONA – Everything that Google will create going forward will be done so through a ‘Mobile First’ lens, the company’s CEO Eric Schmidt told the largest gathering of the world’s mobile industry at the GSMA Congress in Barcelona….  Interesting bit is towards the end of article when Eric Schmidt says –

that the future of mobile is also the future of banking and finance. “It is our strategy to encourage the banking community to embrace mobile, it will help bring banking to the millions of unbanked people in developing countries.. …

Nokia + Yes Bank= Nokia Mobile Money first in India: While Google is talking about mobile and developing countries Nokia has also embarked on the journey and piloting First ever launch of Nokia Mobile Money. Another reason I find this news interesting because its Yes Bank ahead of ICICI …

There won’t be a mobile Channel in Banking anymore: Okay, going forward Mobile is important for Banks and Financial institutions (that’s news!!) … This Forrester Blog gives an interesting viewpoint  on convergence of channel Technology. Blog refers to Ubank’s case on Channel Innovation.. Must say U Bank has really come a long way in a very short period …

Spotlight on Mobile: Online Talent report from Elance throws some interesting figures like – demand for mobile development grew by 180% in 2009 and 8,800 iphone related jobs were completed in 2009 … Read more nos here

Enough of Mobile… one Facebook paypal development is worth to keep tab on … Paypal seems to be moving faster into online micropayment game …. Google move fast or else Paypal might save the newspaper industry


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February 19, 2010 at 3:26 am

Funny ICICI banner ad

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Check out this Banner ad, showcasing some random similing people praising about the changes in ICICI website. They all are loving the changes!! If intentions were  to showcase that these are real time users praising about changes, then I am sorry to say that its a fail …

There is a time stamp with every message, at first it gave me feeling that these are real time users and these messages are being fetched from some feedback system or may be twitter..(wishful!!) and the click would take me to some sort of page to give feedback …However …

Its a simple static banner ad announcing about the latest changes. Its only five users who are rotating in endless loop and the ad takes you to a static page with highlights of new features… and in fact there is no system to collect feedback for new look and features

If you are an ICICI user take this poll

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January 25, 2010 at 2:49 am

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    1. Link 1 – yes they are using it – creditors using social media to find you..
    2. Link 2 – Real time web is huge … Tech crunch article talking about real time web and Twitter eco system
    3. Link3 – Plans to build Low cost, High Volume micropayment platform for Rural India … An initiative as a part of ambitious and optimistic  Unique ID project by government of India

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    January 19, 2010 at 7:01 am

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    1. Square up – Amazing Payment solution, can read payment cards from any device with an audio input jack, including your mobile phone. Will be interested to see if vegetable seller or groccer in India gonna use it!! (Link)

    2. Blippy – Fun and easy way to share your credit card purchases with friends. Shout out what you are purchasing .. (Link)

    3. PayPal Developer Network – Interesting to watch out what apps come of of this initiative… with online virtual world expanding its footprint and people becoming comfortable with Paypal this is something worth to watch out for. Possibilites are endless (Link)

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    January 4, 2010 at 12:04 pm

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    Role of Technology I recently blogged on…

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    Role of Technology

    I recently blogged on my experience with ANZ and Westpac Bank in post Bye ANZ, Hi Westpac

    In this quick post, I would like to highlight the role technology played in the whole process

    – Its only because internet explorer at ANZ crashed I decided to walk in to the bank across the road.

    – And its becuase of the online verification and quick decision in 15 mins that they can award me credit Card

    – Then today, when I opened personal account, Westpac impressed with a new featuer where in I can myself change daily transfer limit of account, just need to verfiy using code which is sent to mobile phone. Similar process at ANZ took calling up at call center and 5 working days to receive the code by postal mail

    How smooth is the technology of your bank?

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    December 30, 2009 at 3:16 am

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    Havn’t been posting here for long time …

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    Havn’t been posting here for long time …some cool stuff happening around on wordpress . This P2 theme is neat … love blog, love twitter gonna love P2 too

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    December 12, 2009 at 3:18 am

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    When my PC refused to hook to wifi today…

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    When my PC refused to hook to wifi today, used my ipod touch for first time to make a transaction. Neat and quick Mobile site of ANZ. Just for fun checked for the mobile presence of Banks I know ( Quick result of landing page when I key in the address in Ipod Browser –

    ANZ – Basic Neat Mobile site, no app

    Westpac – Basic neat site and app

    NAB – Very Very Basic Mobile site, no app

    Suncorp – WOW Mobile site – extras like Insurance, Weather, Events and Currency (shows exchange rate of INR as 0.000!!)

    CBA – Same as PC website ( Not Good!!) but neat app available from app store

    UBank – Same as PC, Could not even see my account details when I logged in .. Flash could not load on my touch (Not Good at all)

    ING direct – Basic Neat website

    ICICI Bank – Same as PC site

    Anybody got better than Suncorp Mobile landing page?

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    December 11, 2009 at 4:51 pm